Drugsgebruik, exces en criminaliteit

Een historisch perspectief
Ceremonie bij de oorsponkelijke bevolking van de Caraïben, Bernard Picart (atelier van), naar Bernard Picart, 1721 (Rijksmuseum)
Date 2020
Authors Stephen Snelders
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This article discusses the problem of excessive drug use from a historical perspective. Cultural ambivalence towards excessive use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs has roots going back into the seventeenth century. Dutch national and colonial drug regulation is discussed. It is concluded that regulations have been primarily motivated by anxieties about excessive behaviour among the labouring classes, endangering public order, and non-white users in the colonies. This has led to criminalization of excessive behaviour, and to the creation of a criminal underground economy.


This article was published in Tijdschrift over Cultuur & Criminaliteit 2020 (10) 1: 65-70.

Imperative of Regulation