A taste of Dutch drug policy

Topics of interest for ADHS 2017
Photo by Lisanne Walma
Date March 2, 2017
Authors Lisanne Walma, Berrie van der Molen
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Lisanne Walma and Imperative of Regulation researcher Berrie van der Molen wrote a post for Points, the blog from the American Drugs and Alcohol History society to draw attention to the bi-annual ADHS conference hosted in Utrecht, The Netherlands from June 22 to June 25, 2017. The post described moments in which drug use and drug policy had made the Dutch news in recent times. The topics included party drugs at dance events, underage drinking, the deaths of tourists in Amsterdam due to white heroin, and the introduction of the weed pass. What was the role of Dutch drug policy in these cases? What other issues emerge from the implementation of the policy? Although policy decisions are usually pragmatic, they can lead to unexpected and often contradictory messages…

Imperative of Regulation